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The First Update – The first 2 months

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Round about March 14, 2017, I launched the Sarasota Musical Arts Center website. It was a soft launch which means I simply made it available online without much pomp and circumstance. Its initial set of goals, other than those specified in the mission statement, are simple: experiment. In order to find out what our musicians, venues, businesses, and community want, I figured I had to start throwing things out there to see what sticks to the wall. Thus far the things that people seem most interested in are videos and articles.

The Music Directory

I’ve been developing a music directory for Sarasota, but how to format it and what, if any, software should be used to manage it. Should it be a simple blog entry or should I implement software designed to manage business directories? Being a fan of Occam’s Razor, I believe that the simplest solution, the one with fewer moving parts, is the best. Thus I’ll likely go with simple blog entries. Still, directories are a real pain in the ass and I come up short finding the ambition and inspiration to work hard on the directory. Maybe blogging about it will get the juices flowing….. but I doubt it.

Event Articles

Sarasota Music ArticlesWriting blog articles that focus on the musicians and venues behind unique events has generated some interest. This is a pretty sharp learning curve, thought. Writing articles that are interesting and engaging has its challenges. Not to mention writing with proper grammar and spelling. People seem less likely to invest as much time in reading these days. As a result, the articles sure as hell better be good. If there are any professional writers out there wanting to take a gamble on a startup website and who love music, give me a call.

Event and Interview Videos

Videos seem to be the best return on investment and seem to have captured the attention of the music locals. Like good writing, video recording and editing has a sharp learning curve. Lighting, angles, movement, editing affects, transitions, and sound are just a few of the considerations. But, if I keep the focus on creating good (not great or pro-quality) videos with good sound, I think SMAC videos can be pretty useful. I also think that the SRQ music community needs a body of quality media representing our music culture. It seems we have a plethora of thirty to forty-five minute smartphone videos that sound horrible. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely appreciate our music enthusiasts uploading clips from shows, and I think it should continue. It’s very important. But, this town, its talent, and its venues deserve more.

This is all by way of saying expect more videos from SMAC…. and I’ll try to muster the energy to start the directory again. 😉

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