That’s the Name of My Next Band

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Over the decades I have heard or spouted hundreds of clever phrases that inspire me to say, “That’s the name of my next band”, or “that’s the name of my next album.” It is always followed by, “I should really start a list of these names.”

After years and years of saying that, I am finally doing so on February 3, 2019.

The format will be as follows: Name of band in bold with thoughts about the name and the date it was spawned.

Stern Honey. I’m thinking a hippy rock band. 11/02/19

Otherwise Occupied Intellectuals. An art rock band. 02/16/19.

Rock Solid Mosey. This sounds like a good name for Country/Rock band. 02/03/2019.

Monster Chub. Some credit goes to my good friend Bryan Spainhower as we kinda co-created this one at a gig. I’m thinking a punk band. ?/?/2018

Ominous Goose. Thanks to my wife for this one. It’s our phrase to describe that sound that’s in all super hero or sci-fi action movies like Transformers when something really big is happening. WHANGGGGGGGGGGGGG!