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Lazy Musician’s Blogging Support Group & DIY Promotions


Blogging is important to your business as a musician. Typing up and publishing short blogs every week or two (or monthly) can really help you succeed. Blogs give your community, friends, and fans insight into your life playing music. People often dig that. But blogs also promote you to the search engines which makes you more visible online. This can translate into more gigs, more fans, more press, or more recognition.

The Lazy Musician’s Blogging Support Group & DIY Promotions is a 2 hour meetup held every 2 to 4 weeks designed to gather musicians together to help them help each other and themselves. Each meeting we will discuss, write, and creatively critique blogs with each other. A tech professional will be on hand to discuss proper blogging techniques and answer questions about the process.

The meetups will also occasionally include presentations and discussions by other promotion professionals. These classes will be designed to help musicians take their self-promotions to a new level. Topics may include photography, simple recording, or copy writing and may include local business professionals from marketing, advertising, web, and promotion disciplines.


The meetup is FREE, though we do ask participants to contribute $2 to $5 per meetup if they find it helpful. This will help pay for speakers and the costs involved in hosting the meetup.

Schedule & Topics

We are currently developing the locations and topics for these meetups.  Please send us an email if you would like to be notified when we have arranged the schedule.  Thanks!

Master Musician’s Meetup – Under Construction


Join us every 2 months as we host a local musician badass to discuss their particular musical focuses. This meetup is for everybody.

Musicians can pre-register and get in on learning and playing a tune with the presenter. Non-musicians can come and listen to the interesting history and stories of the music and the musician.

This meetup is in the planning stage.