Audio / Video Demo Recording

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Live Demo Recording

Ever tried to manage recording while performing? Sucks… doesn’t it? Worrying about recording levels; arriving way early to set up; worrying about live sound; did you press record? It all gets in the way of actually doing what you’re supposed to do: play music.

Let SMAC help. We’ll record up to 1 hour of one set for $75. We will do a basic mix to get it sounding good, add a little verb if necessary, chop up the songs into tracks and give you a disc of it. We will retain the right to post the music on our website, and you get a demo.

We use a variety of Zoom products to capture your sound, including the Zoom R16 multi-track recorder and the Zoom Handy H4n recorder. Depending on your band’s stage setup, we typically put a mic directly on the kick drum and bass guitar amp to guarantee the low end. From there, we identify other instrument needs and place mics to get the best overall capture of sound. We also use the 2 channel H4N to capture the whole stage and, if possible, run a line directly from the board. This typically provides enough sound data to create a well rounded audio recording that has all the frequencies and instruments while maintaining an authentic live feel.


This is a Sarasota band called Combo Vimana. The band consists of nylon string guitar, electric bass, a conga/bongo percussionist and a cajon/drum set percussionist. This is a live recording from July, 2016 at a Sarasota bar called Libby’s.

Staged Demo Recording

Here is the first staged demo video we have recorded for a band called New Loft Groove. The audio was recorded in January of 2018 and the video was recorded in March of the same year. The audio was recording with a QSC Touchmix. Video was recorded with 3 Zoom Q4 cameras.