Takuya Kuroda – Jazz Groove Trumpet

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Thanks to Pandora and my Snarky Puppy channel I’ve been turned on to this groovy and talented Japanese trumpet player. Check out this track “rising sun”. Simple groove. Totally laid back. The music is eloquent and never out of hand but completely engaging. I can hear this groove with some sweet vocals or raps over it. The hip hop influence is unavoidable.

As far as the video goes, I think I would have been cool to see less of the Takuya playing and more shots of the city. The camera work was kinda “Hill Street Blues” and the color was that gritty washed out look. I was expecting shots of kids hangin on the streets, on the stoops, people in bars, etc.

I also noticed that through the whole video Takuya is the only face shown. The camera does show the hands of some of the other musicians, but never the faces.

Regardless, the music is killer.

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