SMAC Goals & Initiatives

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Here are some of the nascent initiatives we are working to develop in 2017.

  • FREE wav and loop samples for musicians.
    We are working with local musicians to record, edit, and post a large repository of free music loops. Our focus will initially be on more exotic instruments and styles like world percussion instruments, flamenco loops, or Ukuleles.
  • FREE video music lessons.
    We feel that the more people understand and participate in music the better our music culture will be. To that end we aim to collect and present a storehouse of video music lessons for public consumption. We intend to provide many, if not most, of these lessons for free.
  • FREE music directory.
    The greater Sarasota area has many opportunities to experience music: concerts, lessons, bars, plays, festivals, and more. The SMAC directory intends to bring as much of these people, groups, business, and organizations into a single informative, searchable format.
  • Musician Meetups.
    There simply needs to be more support and interaction between musicians. It is a great way to get new ideas, help each other along, and create a strong foundation for creating a musical society. SMAC will organize different musician meetups to facilitate these and other goals.
  • Promotional Services for Musicians.
    Promotions for any business can be expensive. For musicians the cost for promoting their craft can be prohibitively expensive. SMAC will provide varying resources and services designed to help musicians promote themselves affordably. Some initiatives may include weekly DIY Promotions meetups, affordable live audio/video recording, and affordable web development.
  • Calendar of Unique Events.
    We tip our hats to They have really built a fantastic events calendar. We also salute They present a more selective, grassroots calendar on Facebook. The SMAC Calendar of Unique Events will focus on quality musical events that are less common, under-recognized, obscure, and/or one-of-a-kind. We will offer a more in-depth look at the selected events, their organizers, and their performers.

Please learn more about us by reading the Sarasota Musical Arts Center mission statement and values declaration.