SMAC Advertising Opportunities

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Sarasota Original Arts Performances (S.O.A.P.).

Every 4 to 6 weeks, SMAC, along with Jon Pettus, organizes and executes an evening of original music. The SOAP rhythm sections invites a guest musician to sit in with them and together the arrange and perform the original material of 2 different featured musicians. We only accept 3 advertisers per show, so you know your brand won’t get drowned out.

Sarasota Music Advertising
Half Page Flyer Example for SOAP Show.

$200 investment (or equivalent resource) per show

  1. Links
    1. An image backlink to your website from
    2. An image backlink to your website from the SOAP Landing page
  2. Posters & Handbills
    1. Sponsorship image on posters displayed anywhere we can find. At least a couple at the venue.
    2. Sponsorship image on half page handbills for single show.
  3. Facebook
    1. Event Page. We’ll give a thanks to you and a link to your site or Facebook page.
    2. Sponsorship image placed in the header of the Event Page.
  4. Show Mention. We will express great gratitude on stage at the event.
  5. Sponsorship mention thanks in the credits in one video we record and post from the show.