About Sarasota Musical Arts Center

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The following is our current working mission statement. As of the time of this writing, this is the second rough draft of the statement and we fully expect it to change…. if for no other reason that to correct the myriad grammatical and spelling errors.


Sarasota Musical Arts Center (SMAC) is an organization serving the greater Sarasota, Florida area. SMAC’s mission is to develop, build, and maintain services, resources, and products designed to:

  1. promote musicians and their music
  2. encourage more community engagement with music and musicians
  3. encourage and promote more collaboration and support between musicians
  4. engage with local music venues to promote greater and different investments in music, musicians, and the music culture
  5. provide music-related resources, services, and products

All this in an effort to develop, enhance, and promote a positive, robust, and progressive music culture.

Financial Values. The goal of generating revenue and profit is not inherently more important than the services and products that are sold or the people that purchase and employ them. This business will not be built on the backs of those categorized as clients, employees, or participants. Instead, it will grow in tandem with the success of those people who employ its services, those people who work for and contribute to the business, and the community in which we all operate.

Business Values. When at all possible, this business favors local over remote connections and sources. All else being equal, the further away a product, vendor, or resource is from the general Sarasota, Florida area, the less consideration it will receive by this company. In addition to proximity, we give greater consideration to small sources, family-owned sources, grassroots sources, etc. From another point of view; we avoid giving our business to multi-state, national, or multi-national corporations.

Community Values. Our business and focus is music for the WHOLE community. As such, it is our job to support and promote diversity in music. Because musicians and artists commonly use their art to express opinions that are controversial in nature (political, religious, social, etc) SMAC, as an organization, elects to remain as neutral as possible in our presentation of the local music scene. We do this because we believe that the freedom to express ideas is fundamental to musical & artistic evolution, regardless of whether someone agrees with the opinions expressed or not. However, we will not tolerate bigotry, hatred, racism, sexism, genderism, or violent prejudice within our business walls. Nor will we tolerate targeted and mean-spirited attacks on specific people or groups. And because our business is music for all, we may lend our voice to the many other voices in support of compassion, community, inclusion, understanding, and tolerance.