Sarasota Musical Arts Center

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Sarasota Musical Arts Center is a website focused on the Sarasota music culture. It was born from the idea that the Sarasota music scene needs nurturing to continue to grow, mature, and evolve. As such, SMAC aims to develop resources that will inspire and promote communication and collaboration within its music community. SMAC invites venues, community, the music industry, and especially musicians to participate in this conversation. If you have ideas, questions, or contributions, please contact us via email.

Below are some of the current and active services and resources available. Here is a list of some of the other things we are working on.

Sarasota Music Event Articles

Sarasota Music ArticlesEngaging Articles About The Unique Sarasota Music Scene.

SMAC likes to get inside the events and talk to the people making the music happen. Our articles present the many different aspects of our music culture.

We publish music articles on

  • Uncommon Music Events
  • Musician Profiles
  • Venue Profiles
  • The Music Business
  • and more.

To tell these stories we tap all the mediums including video copy, audio copy, written copy, concert footage, and photos.
Get to know your Sarasota music makers.

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Sarasota Music Directory

Sarasota Music DirectorySMAC Music Directory For The Local Music Industry.

The first step to building a better community is to know what resources you have to work with. As such, this directory aims to help the whole Sarasota music community stay informed and connected. It’s FREE.

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Grassroots Live Music Recording – Under Development

Sarasota Live Music RecordingQuality video and audio of your live performances.

Good quality videos are crucial to promoting your music online. But, musicians usually don’t have the thousands of dollars needed to produce top quality videos. Thus they have to settle for single camera recordings with bad sound.  We think that this is unacceptable so we’re gonna do something about it. SMAC is currently experimenting with simple yet professional quality cameras (zoom & gopro quality) and audio recording equipment. Our goal is to produce a good quality, live recording service at a very fair price for local musicians and venues.

Track our 2017 video progress here.